Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of USAID climate change and development programs are key to accountability and learning.  USAID’s standard performance metrics track meaningful outputs and outcomes that are under its control or influence.  USAID also relies on national or third party indicators to provide context for the wider environment that USAID programs operate within and help to shape.  Effective performance monitoring requires consistent procedures for data collection, analysis, reporting, and review.  USAID is developing a variety of tools, checklists, and reference documents to assist agency staff and partners with effectively planning and managing performance monitoring.

USAID’s focus on evaluation complements and reinforces efforts to improve activity design and the achievement of measurable results.  Evaluations measure project effectiveness, relevance and/or sustainability.  USAID supports the use of third party mid- and end-term performance evaluations of its programs and activities.  There is also an increasing focus on rigorous impact evaluations that can inform future program design.  Conducting impact evaluations provides a way to systematically generate knowledge about the magnitude and determinants of project performance, permitting USAID and its partners to refine interventions and introduce improvements into future efforts.

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Global Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation Resources
USAID programs with climate change benefits are required to report against standard indicators, each with its own definition and some with supplementary guidance. Effective performance monitoring starts with a clear view of a project’s goals. Thus, climate change related results frameworks and other materials guide project design and performance monitoring.
General USAID Monitoring & Evaluation Resources
USAID develops resources on monitoring and evaluation topics that are available to its partners in all sectors. This includes guidance, toolkits, templates, checklists, and other useful resources.
Global Climate Change Evaluations
A large number of evaluations are being conducted related to USAID’s climate change and development activities. These evaluation reports are excellent sources of project or activity level information and lessons learned across the Global Climate Change portfolio.
Monitoring Tools & Calculators
USAID supports the development of user-friendly tools and calculators to assist bureaus, missions and their partners to collect monitoring data that is robust and standardized. These include clean energy and sustainable landscapes greenhouse gas emission reduction calculators as well as an institutional capacity assessment tool.
Illustrative Results
The goals and results of USAID’s Global Climate Change Initiative are included in strategic documents and annual Agency reports.
Recommended External Resources
Many high quality resources and reference documents are available from USAID partners and other development professionals.