New technical information and best practices at the intersection of climate change and development are constantly emerging, requiring that USAID staff and other development practitioners gain new knowledge, skills and abilities.
In response, USAID is providing climate change learning opportunities for the hundreds of staff working directly on Global Climate Change programming and the thousands who must integrate climate change considerations into their work in different sectors. These include face-to-face training and workshops, online courses and interactive webinars. All training is designed to help staff master a defined set of climate change technical competencies. 

Many USAID projects also provide climate change learning opportunities for host country counterparts and other development practitioners.
Climate Change Training at USAID
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Climate Change Learning for USAID Staff
USAID offers core courses on climate change adaptation, mitigation and monitoring & evaluation for all staff. USAID also offers mission-tailored courses and trainings on special topics in climate change, such as climate-smart food security.
Project-Based Climate Change Learning
USAID climate change projects are building in-country capacity for addressing climate change through learning activities such as curricula and online training series.
USAID Mission Training Highlights
USAID provides mission-tailored deliveries of its climate change core courses with a special emphasis on integrating climate change and development across sectors. These are open to mission staff, local implementing partners and host country counterparts. Recent deliveries include Haiti, Senegal and Peru.
Playlist of Recorded Trainings
This playlist features recorded climate change training videos and recordings of training webcasts supported by USAID.
Illustrative Results
Since 2011, USAID has conducted more than 25,000 person hours of climate change training for USAID, other USG and implementing partner staff, reaching individuals from 72 missions worldwide.
Capacity Building for Climate Risk Management
A cross-agency team is leading capacity building for climate risk management. Current activities include a workshop for facilitators of strategy-level climate risk management, classroom-based trainings on climate risk management of sector projects and activities, and a monthly community of practice meeting. Development practitioners new to thinking about climate change may begin to consider climate stresses, impacts and responses relevant to their sector of work through this tool.