Where We Work

USAID’s Global Climate Change Programs reach more than 50 countries on four continents. Partner countries define their own goals. USAID assistance helps build capacity to adapt to climate change and lower greenhouse gas emissions, while pursuing economic growth.

The programs under the orange tab shows USAID’s programs by bilateral, regional, and other programs. Click on the three subsequent tabs to see programs broken out by areas of work for bilateral missions, as defined in USAID’s Climate Change and Development Strategy 2012-2016. Refer to metadata and sources for more details.

Note these programs do not reflect climate change benefits achieved through other funding streams, such as agriculture, biodiversity, or governance funds.

Note, total GCC funding for any fiscal year equals adaptation + clean energy + sustainable landscapes funding. Direct funding refers to funds explicitly programmed for climate change benefits and meeting required criteria. USAID also achieves climate-related benefits through other types of funding, not represented in this display.

Funding displayed here is for bilateral missions only and does not include regional mission funding or centrally-funded projects from USAID/W, nor special cases of EC-LEDS funding such as by State Department.